Need2Know Ultimate Secondary School Pack

The ultimate pack to take you through secondary school and beyond, from sex education and social issues like bullying and drugs right through to GCSEs, further education and applying for a job. This pack covers secondary school from start to finish! This pack is aimed at students who are going to secondary school or who are already there and need some advice, and teachers, parents and carers who want to help.

This pack includes: Secondary School: A Parent's Guide, GCSEs: A Parent's Guide, A Levels: The Essential Guide, How to Pass Exams: The Essential Guide, Applying for a Job: The Essential Guide, Applying to University: The Essential Guide, Student Finance: The Essential Guide, Bullying: A Parent's Guide, Special Educational Needs: A Parent's Guide, Sexually Transmitted Infections: The Essential Guide, The Pill: An Essential Guide, Teenage Pregnancy: The Essential Guide, Sex Education: A Young Person's Guide, Sex Education: A Parent's Guide, Drugs: A Parent's Guide. 

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