Early Years - Language and Literacy

A Parent's Guide

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We all want to do whatever we can to support our children – and language and literacy lie at the heart of a child’s learning and development.

There are many simple ways of helping your child to develop their speaking, listening, reading and writing skills. This book shows you how, with the emphasis on having fun and learning through play. Many of the suggestions revolve around games and other activities and most of them can easily be slotted into your daily routine.

The book also uses simple terms to explain some of the ‘technicalities’ of reading and writing – such as the meaning and importance of ‘mark-making’, the role of phonics in literacy development and the difference between ‘print’ and ‘joined-up’ handwriting. For parents with children who have started school, there are also some tips on hearing reading and helping with spelling. 

Covering the child’s language and literacy development from birth to starting school, this book will be an invaluable support throughout your child’s pre-school years and beyond.

Chapter Headings

Language Development: What to Expect

Talking With Your Child

Learning to Listen

Nursery Rhymes

Sharing Picture Books

Exploring Sounds and Letters

Becoming a Reader

Becoming a Writer

Helping with Handwriting

Helping With Spelling

Early Years Guidance

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Author Bio

Hilary White is a freelance writer specialising in early years language and literacy development, art and craft. She has written a number of books on various aspects of education. She also contributes regularly to magazines aimed at early years professionals and is a member of the Practical Pre-school Magazine editorial board. She has taught in both early years and primary school settings, lectured and mentored trainee nursery school teachers and run continuing development workshops for practising teachers.

Hilary lives in Somerset with her husband, and has a son and a daughter. Over the years, they have taught her the importance of the parent’s role in supporting language development and making books an everyday part of a child’s life.

Customer Reviews...

Parents in Touch (via Amazon) -
Early language and literacy skills are so important but often parents either wonder how to help their child, or have concerns about the progress being made. This practical and easy to read guide from Need2Know Books show many simple ways in which skills can be developed, and helps parents to understand the phases of learning. So much early learning is incidental learning - there are some super ideas for using games to help learning in a fun way. The ideas can easily be incorporated into everyday life. The tips on learning to read and improving spelling are practical and form an excellent basis for primary age learning.


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