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Are you applying for a job as a manager? It might be a team leader, supervisor, coach or section manager role – companies are constantly on the look out for staff who welcome responsibility. 

But it takes guts to go from member of the group to manager – and first-time management can be daunting. You’re in charge of a team!
This book guides you in simple terms through the first-time management minefield. The author offers a raft of factual and confidence-boosting advice based on many years experience.

There’s tips on how to praise and discipline your team, how to use psychological tools, the HR guidelines to follow, how to boost your own management skills and how to coach your people.

Every first-time manager feels nervous at the start, but as you settle in you do gain in confidence and in strength. This guide will ease you in – keep it in your desk as a handbook. You’ll want to refer to it over and over again!

Chapter Headings

Understanding Management

Managing People

Building Your Team

Managing Performance
Managing Poor Performance

Managing Conflict

Everyday Coaching for Managers

Time Management

Developing Yourself as a Manager

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Author Bio 

Esther Patrick MInstLM MIfL LCGI is a leadership, management and talent development specialist, organisational development consultant and business coach. After nine years of managing people, she realised that really good leadership and management capability is the biggest success factor for any business, and a lot of them were getting it wrong. She promptly moved into the learning and development field where she has spent the last six years working with forward-thinking clients across a range of sectors. 

Her experience includes financial services, NHS, facilities management, quarrying, engineering, construction, retail and leisure, manufacturing, rail and transportation, pharmaceutical, education, aviation, local authority and distribution. Noticing that development for UK managers – new, established or aspiring – can still be as patchy as it was when she first started out, she decided to write this book.

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