Asperger's Syndrome

The Essential Guide

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Living with Asperger's syndrome can be challenging, difficult and emotiionally draining: whether it is you, your partner or your child that had it. From coming to terms with a diagnosis of Asperger's and receiving specialist counselling to pursuing careers and maintaining long term relationships, this essential guide takes a positive and practical approach to living with Asperger's. Using tried and tested strategies from those who have lived with the condition, you will discover how to develop communication, how to deal with obsessive behaviour and how to get further help and support. Information for those living with a partner suffering from Asperger's is provided. Chapters are also included for parents whose child has recently been diagnosed with Asperger's, together with advice for teachers and carers. This book won’t pretend that living with Asperger's is easy, but it will help you to understand and live positively with the condition. Author: Hilary Hawkes

Chapter Headings

What is Asperger’s Syndrome?

Recent Research

Diagnosing AS

The Child with AS

School and the AS Child

Beyond School for the Young AS Person

The Adult with AS

Living with an AS Partner

Counselling Those Affected

Children of an AS Parent

Help List

Book List


Author Bio 

Hilary Hawkes has been a writer since her teens. As well as non-fiction, she is the author of several children’s books. She has a BA (Hons) in Publishing and English and is also a qualified Early Years Practitioner.

Hilary lives with and knows the problems that Asperger’s can bring - her husband, one of her three children and other immediate family members are affected by the condition. She wrote this book to share the reality and also to encourage others to never give up hope and to live positively with this invisible disability. Hilary lives in Oxfordshire.

Customer Reviews...

Elaine -
I recommend this book if you or someone you know has just been diagnosed with AS.It covers everything from diagnosis, coping with everyday life, education, work and relationships.Also a good resource for teachers and students and anyone who works with people who have AS.


J. Ritchie (via Amazon) -
Having recently had Aspergers Syndrome (AS) enter my family life, I've been reading a lot of books to get a handle on what AS is, what it can mean for individuals and those close to them. This book is by far the best introduction to AS that I've found. It's punchy, bullet-pointed list approach to the subject conveys information quickly and clearly and the help section at the back gives good pointers to further reading. If you just want an overview of AS or an easy way to approach the subject, I highly recommend this book. It's quite cheap as factual book go, it's neutral in tone, and up to date with current thinking.


Parents in Touch (via Amazon) -
Living with a sufferer, or having Asperger's Syndrome is challenging and worrying - not least because of the lack of understanding which surrounds it. This down-to-earth factual guide is written by Hilary Hawkes, who has first-hand experience of AS. This is not a quick fix, but takes the reader through living with AS from diagnosis, through how to handle it, to careers and long-term relationships. I found it an enlightening book, covering key issues in a succinct fashion and I recommend it to anyone who encounters AS in any way, especially parents and teachers, to increase understanding and give an insight into how sufferers feel. An extensive list of resources is a useful feature.


sally (via Amazon) -
This is a fantastic book, easy to read. It sounds like they are talking about the child i support. Essential read for anyone who has or supports a child with this specific need.


J. Joyce "JJ" (via Amazon) -
This book gives a thorough but easily understood overview of AS. It is written in clear, concise way and one of the best books available.


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