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Gap years are almost a rite of passage these days but they do need careful thought and planning. With so much to sort out, how do you know where to start? This step-by-step guide takes you through the whole process – from planning your trip and funding your travel to organising volunteering programmes and sightseeing. No stone is left unturned as there are even sections highlighting what you should pack and how you can settle back down at home when you return. It is likely that parents and family members will worry about you when you are away. There are chapters dedicated to your health and safety so you can look after your wellbeing when you’re off travelling – useful for you and reassuring for those you leave behind. Small enough to fit in your backpack but big on information, this guide will arm you with the essential information needed to enjoy a fun-packed adventure safely and on a budget! Author: Emma Jayne Jones

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Emma Jayne Jones has travelled to 50 countries across 6 continents, and her highlights have included volunteering in Peru, road-tripping across the USA and working on cruise ships. 

Emma is a journalist, PR consultant and media trainer who has written for numerous national newspapers and magazines, and is always busy planning her next adventure.

Gap Year

Customer Reviews...

Being Mum -
As a mummy of 4 and keen to find new ideas, it was a great guide to supporting your child. I read it in two nights (having done all other evening jobs!). I found it easy to read, it explained the educational jargon well and is a book that I shall easily dip into again and again. It covers speaking and listening, exploring sounds and letters,reading, writing, handwriting and spelling. At the end of each chapter is a useful summary page, this helped me to clarify my thoughts and digest what I had read. There are some really great practical ideas, activities, resource ideas and website ideas. Especially if your child finds it difficult to sit still and learn and needs to be on the go! My three favourite new activities I am going to use are: Playing 'I Spy' but using end, middle and rhyming sounds, Setting up a stationary box, where you add lots of different stimuli to engage your child in mark making and writing (Hilary White the author suggests using forms from your junk mail, great idea I thought) Hunt the Sound - a great game where your child has to find as many things beginning with a sound in the house and bring them to you. The Parent's Guide challenges your thinking and reassures at the same time. It doesn't matter if you feel an expert or a complete novice in supporting your child with their early language and literacy skills, as this book will keep you and your child busy learning for a long time.


Suzie (via Amazon) -
I bought this for my son who was planning a gap year but didn't know where to start. It doesn't just look at where to travel - it also looks at practical issues like money, safety and how to link in your gap year with careers, jobs, etc. And what makes the book really brilliant is that it's written by someone who's actually travelled the world and worked abroad - so it's certainly a no-nonsense guide. It's ideal for anyone who just doesn't know where to start...and perhaps for those who've not actually thought about what a gap year or volunteering entails. We bookmarked pages to go back to and check off, so nothing was missed. A really handy guide that doesn't try and 'sell' ideas to its readers.


M. Jones (via Amazon) -
I bought this book for my daughter for Christmas as she is planning to take a gap year after school. This isn't one of those 'sit and daydream about where I could go' books but is a practical guide. I agree that it is maybe not as comprehensive as some of the others but as far as I can see they are taken up with a lot of listings that she can just find on the internet. It's hard enough to get a young person to read any book let alone a massive guidebook, so this one works well.


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