Child Obesity

A Parent's Guide

Child obesity has been described as a ticking time bomb; overweight children are never out of the news and obesity rates are soaring. This book shows parents and carers, in practical terms, how to defuse the obesity time bomb. Expert advice and the latest information finds solutions to child obesity and offers advice and strategies that can be used to achieve a healthy weight, good eating habits and an active lifestyle. Child friendly recipes, food facts and progress charts are an integral part of the book. If you think your child is obese or you want to prevent obesity, then this book is a must. It contains all the facts and information you need to keep your children fit and healthy. 

Chapter Headings

Overweight? Obese? What Do We Mean?

The Causes and Effects of Obesity

Is My Child Overweight or Obese?

Getting Ready to Tackle Weight Problems

Small Steps to Success

The Basics of Healthy Eating

Making Healthy Eating Happen (Recipes)

Getting Active, Staying Active

What Does Success Look Like?

Help List

Author Bio 

Judith Manson is a health writer with a special interest in children’s health. She has written extensively about children’s diet and weight problems as well as heart disease and cardiology. She managed communications for Asthma UK Scotland for five years and worked on newspapers as journalist for 10 years.

As a mother of three, she understands what parents are up against when it comes to food, weight, exercise and healthy eating. She lives in Edinburgh.

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