Children's Health

The Essential Guide

Whether you’re a parent, grandparent or working in the childcare sector, this book will provide you with practical information and advice to help you care with confidence. The first five chapters concentrate on recognising and managing common childhood illnesses and diseases. Danger signs commonly known as ‘red flags’ are highlighted. If these arise, you will learn what action to take. One chapter explains in detail all about the current childhood vaccination schedule; focusing on the importance of immunisation. Another gives you in-depth advice on how to plan a safe and healthy holiday abroad. Unfortunately, accidents at home and abroad can occur, this book will help you minimise risk and advise you on how to manage any injuries. You will also find a comprehensive guide on a wide range of useful remedies and medicines that you can store in your own personal home medicine kit. Author: Catherine Short

Chapter Headings

Infections of the Ears, Nose and Throat

Conditions Affecting the Skin and Hair

Common Chest and Breathing Problems

Conditions Affecting the Eyes

Common Stomach and Urinary Problems

Common Childhood Accidents and Emergencies

Childhood Immunisations Explained

Diet and Nutrition for Healthy Growth and Development

Travel Health for the Family

Help From the Professionals

Your Home Medicine Chest


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Author Bio 

Catherine Short is a freelance writer, specialising in health-related issues. 

She also works as a full-time nurse practitioner in a busy general practice in Cheshire.  

Catherine has many years of experience diagnosing and prescribing for a wide range of illnesses which affect children. She holds the BSC (Hons) Nurse Practitioner degree. 

Catherine wishes to make childcare advice more accessible to parents and carers, which was the inspiration behind this book. 

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