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There is a lot of talk of superfoods, antioxidants, supplements and getting your five-a-day at the moment, it has become a big focal point with the rise of obesity and conditions such as Type 2 diabetes. But can a healthy, nutritional diet really help prevent or alleviate diseases? And how do you know which foods are the right ones to eat? Food for Health: The Essential Guide is full of practical advice on how to achieve a healthy, nutritious diet without breaking the bank, including useful meal plans for a range of health conditions. If you have an interest in taking a greater control of your health, this book will encourage you to become your own ‘food doctor’ by using food to lower cholesterol, alleviate arthritis, lower the risk of heart disease, improve memory, maintain bone and joint health, relieve digestive problems and boost your immune system. The book also addresses more common problems such as insomnia, PMS, depression, allergies, skin health and the menopause. Author: Sara Kirkham

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Food for a Healthy Heart

Food for Better Bones

Sweet But Deadly

Food for Thought

Healthy Tums

A Diet for Great Skin

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Author Bio 

Sara Kirkham is a nutritionist, lecturer and writer, with published scientific research on blood glucose control. In addition to developing therapeutic diets for nutritional therapy clients, Sara teaches and develops education modules on nutrition, physiology and human chemistry, giving her a fundamental understanding of how the human body works and how it is affected by diet. 

With a first class honours degree in Nutritional Medicine and 20 years of experience helping people to change their diet for better health, Sara aims to capture all that expertise, information and experience in this book, creating the ultimate guide to eating for health.

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