Foot Care

The Essential Guide

The unsung heroes of the human body, the feet are strong, mechanical structures with amazing capabilities and deserve to be worshipped and revered for the hard work they do. Unfortunately, many people pay no attention to their feet – until they start to hurt. Whether you have heel pain or ingrown toenails, this essential guide to foot care can help you. Using medical research and expert advice from healthcare professionals, this book provides a concise and detailed guide to the diagnosis, treatment and management of common foot problems, foot complaints associated with diabetes, and complex foot issues. A foot problem treated early will save you from a lot of pain and, in some cases, possibly even save your life. No matter how old or young you are, by reading Foot Care: The Essential Guide you will certainly walk away a lot more informed. Author: Antonia Mariconda

Chapter Headings

Understanding Our Feet

The Amazing Mechanical Structure of the Foot

Common Foot Problems by Age

What Your Feet Say About Your Health

Where to Find Professional Help for Foot Problems

Taking Care of Your Feet: Hygiene

Foot Care and Footwear

Foot Health: Exercise, Diet and Nutrition

Family Foot Care: Healthy Feet for the Whole Family – A Guide

Foot Problems Explained

The Top 5 Most Common Foot Problems in the UK

General Foot Problems

Complex Foot Problems

Heel-Related Foot Problems

Diabetes and Foot Problems



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Author Bio 

Antonia Mariconda, also known as ‘The Cosmedic Coach’, is a national health and beauty writer and expert.

Frequently appearing and quoted in the national press and media for her expertise on all subjects relating to health, wellbeing and beauty, Antonia is at the forefront for honest, expert advice on cosmetic surgery, beauty and health issues.

She has also written Acne: The Essential Guide and Breast Surgery and PIP Implants: The Essential Guide for the Need2Know series.
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