Weight Training for Men

A Beginner's Guide

Weight training can help you to build a leaner, stronger physique as well as supporting fat loss goals and is an essential part of every exercise programme. Knowing exactly how to achieve these results, in a safe and effective way, can be a little more confusing. There’s no shortage of advice around, but it can be difficult and time consuming to sift through it and work out what’s most applicable to you. This book explains the step by step process of devising your own weight training programme, helping you to understand the reasons behind the best route to success. It shows readers how to perform various exercises, as well as including ready-made programmes for beginners, intermediate and advanced levels with instructions and diagrams. You can begin training immediately and will start seeing results in just a few weeks. Author: Kristoph Thompson

Chapter Headings 

Why Weight Training?

Getting Geared Up

Types of Weight Training

Foundation Programme 

Weight Loss and Toning

Intermediate Programme 

Increase Strength and Build Muscle
Strength and Sport

Breaking Through Plateaus


Supplemental Forms of Training and Injury Prevention
Help List

Author Bio 

Kristoph Thompson is a Personal Trainer, Stott Trained Pilates Instructor and Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach with a Masters Degree in Fitness and Human Performance.
He has worked with the Houston Rockets Basketball Team and the Houston Astros Baseball team. He is an experienced health and fitness journalist, contributing regularly to the press. Kristoph is an associate lecturer with the University of Brighton and is also studying for a PhD in exercise induced muscle damage.

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