Selling a House

The Essential Guide

Available for pre-order now. Published Aug 2013.

For whatever reason you decide to sell your house, you will be faced with dozens of decisions, from what time of year to put your house on the market, to deciding whether to accept an offer. Estate agents, auctioneers, surveyors, solicitors, lenders and others will all be competing for your business, but how do you know which will suit you best? This can be very worrying if you do not have enough information to help you choose.
Selling a House: The Essential Guide is designed to answer your questions and to help you make the right decisions. You will find relevant information on a wide range of subjects that will shed light on the selling process, right from the moment you decide to sell until you complete the transaction. It examines the different methods of selling a house, and what you can do to make your property more attractive to buyers. It guides you through preparing the house for sale and conducting viewings. It explains the paperwork involved in a house sale and how transactions in Scotland differ from those elsewhere in the UK.

Each house sale is individual and throws up unique queries and problems, but this essential guide will be an invaluable companion on your house-selling journey.

Chapter Headings 

Getting Started

What is My House Worth?

Selling Through an Estate Agent

Selling Through an Auction

Other Ways of Selling

Preparing Yourself for the Sale



The Paperwork Trail

Selling a House in Scotland


Help List

Author Bio 

Property developer and author Yvonne Jackson has been buying, developing, building, renting and selling property for twenty-five years.  Working with her husband, who manages the practical side of the building and renovations, she handles the buying, project management, renting and selling side of the business, as well as doing her fair share of shifting rubble and scraping off old wallpaper.

At first the learning curve was steep and mistakes were made.  Each new project brought fresh challenges and unique decisions.  So Yvonne set out to write the kind of guide that she would have found useful as she struggled to solve the problems she encountered.

Yvonne has also been working as a freelance writer since 2001, producing both fiction and non-fiction.  Her work has been published in magazines, anthologies and has been broadcast on radio, both in the UK and across the Commonwealth.

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