Selling Online

A Beginner's Guide

Do you have a house full of unwanted items? Perhaps you are a crafter, writer or photographer who would like to make money by selling your work online.

The recent rise of online marketplaces make it easier and cheaper to put what you want to sell in front of a much larger audience than ever before. However, this wealth of opportunity also makes it much harder to know where the best place to sell online is. Yet, with a little knowledge you’ll be able to make the right decisions from the outset.

Although this informative, easy-to-read book is written for the beginner online seller, it has a wealth of hints and tips that can make a big difference to those who have been selling online for some time.

Selling Online: A Beginner’s Guide covers a wealth of information that includes what to sell, where to sell it, how to price for profit and take payments online, how to create winning product descriptions and market your products successfully. It also has a chapter on the tax and legal implications and in-depth chapters about selling on eBay and Amazon.

Chapter Headings 

Getting Started

Where to Sell Online

Pricing and Promoting Your Products

Managing Your Stock

Managing the Money

Setting Up Shop

Marketing Your Products

Selling on Amazon

Selling on eBay

Tax and Legal Implications



Help List

Book List


Author Bio 

Social media strategist and author Linda Parkinson-Hardman is a director with Internet Mentor Limited where she specialises in finding the simplest and most cost-effective solutions for clients all over the world, teaching them how to use and apply the many opportunities the Internet offers with ecommerce and marketing. She is also the founder of the Hysterectomy Association which receives no external funding, yet has survived and thrived since 1997 as a result of its online selling activities.
Linda is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, Manufacture and Commerce and the author of eight books. Linda lives in Dorset with her partner Steve.

You can find out more about Linda at, on her blog at where she writes about marketing and selling books and on her LinkedIn profile at

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