Caring for your Dog

The Essential Guide

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In the UK there are around eight million pet dogs, perhaps that is why they are thought of as man’s best friend. It has been proven that dogs are good for your health, they encourage you to exercise and dog owners suffer less stress. Owning a dog can sometimes be a bewildering experience full of decisions affecting your pet’s welfare, for example, micro-chipping, vaccinations and pet insurance. This handy practical guide will address all of these issues from a puppy-aged pet right through to old-age. The puppy years are well covered, including puppy-proofing your home, diet, toilet training, vaccinations and other vet treatments, training and socialising. Small, medium and large breeds are catered for, along with feeding and exercise advice for older dogs, doggy first aid for basic cuts and scrapes, how to administer tablets and medication and what to do in the event of different symptoms of illness. Dangerous foods, fleas and ticks, taking your dog on holiday, the law regarding your dog and common behavioural problems are all covered, making this book the most user-friendly and imformative guide on the subject. Author: Jennifer Thomson.

Chapter Headings

The Puppy Days

The Adolescent Dog

Feeding and Exercise

Doggy First Aid

Dangerous Foods for Dogs

Fleas and Other Nasties

Travelling With Your Dog

Your Dog and The Law

Pet Insurance

Special Needs Dogs

Adopting a Dog

Help List

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Author Bio 

Jennifer Thomson is a freelance journalist and author of Bullying – A Parent’s Guide (Need2Know) and three humour books. She has owned dogs all her life (or rather, they have owned her) and is currently the proud owner of Benjy, a rescue dog from Dogs Trust. 

Prior to owning Benjy, she had a dog called Vic who was epileptic and needed a lot of care; this was the inspiration behind writing Caring for Your Dog – The Essential Guide.

Customer Reviews...

Anonymous -
excellent. learned loads of stuff i didnt know and as ive been keeping dogs my whole life it was really suprising! will be taking a lot more into consideration from now on! highly recommended to all dog owners!


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