Coarse Fishing

A Beginner's Guide

Available for pre-order now. Published Aug 2013.

Coarse Fishing: A Beginner’s Guide is a must-read for anyone with an interest in taking up coarse fishing as a pastime.  It is also essential reading for anglers with some experience wishing to develop their existing knowledge. 

This book takes you through all of the steps you will need to get started in your new hobby, from the essential fishing tackle required and what to wear for a day’s fishing to advice on baits and various angling styles. You’ll learn all the techniques necessary to spend a day fishing at a commercial fishery or still water and on the river – and you will also learn how to breed your own worms! 

For those wishing to enhance their current skills, there are countless insights throughout the book, including two chapters dedicated to Advanced Angling covering topics such as flavoured baits, the magical world of after dark angling and the Big Fish Rig. 

With fishing expert Archie Braddock as its featured author, we are also delighted to reveal a previously unpublished coarse fishing exclusive in this book – Archie’s guide to Heavy Stick Float Fishing.

Coarse fishing is a fascinating hobby with countless benefits which for many becomes a lifetime’s passion. Read this book and you too may be hooked! 

Chapter Headings

What is Coarse Fishing

Getting Started

Fishing Baits – Part One

Fishing Baits – Part Two

The Different Species of Fish

Angling Styles

A Day Out at a Commercial Fishery
A Day Out on a River

Advanced Angling – Part One

Advanced Angling – Part Two



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Author Bio 

Kate Smedley is a full-time freelance writer and author in the UK and internationally. Kate’s interest in coarse fishing began at the age of 9 years old on the banks of the River Trent in Nottinghamshire. Under the guidance of her father, fishing guru, Archie Braddock, Kate caught a one pound roach and joined the world of angling. 

Writing this book has finally given Kate the opportunity to share the knowledge inadvertently gained during her upbringing as the daughter of an ardent angler and occasional companion/rod-carrier on some of his many fishing trips.  

Throughout this book Kate draws on her experience as a novice angler. combining it with Archie’s expertise in coarse fishing to produce an accessible and comprehensive guide.  

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