Dog Training

The Essential Guide

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This easy to follow guide explains how you can train your dog using kind, reward-based methods that help you to create mutually strong, enduring bonds of trust and affection. Dog Training: The Essential Guide explains why positive reinforcement works much better than the outdated, scientifically disproved harsh methods, and takes you step by step through the important elements of training that ensure your dog will be a pleasure to live with. The chapters take you through how to make training sessions fun and interesting for you and your dog. You will discover how to help your dog to develop social skills and good manners, to greet people and other dogs politely and to learn instant recall. You will find out how to interpret your dog’s complex system of body language, and learn how you can use your own body language to communicate effectively with your dog. The book also explores the special talents of various dog breeds and gives information about how you can devise games that will keep your dog happy and mentally alert.

Chapter Headings

Positive Reinforcement

Basic Good Manners

Social Training

Effective Two-Way Communications

How to Get Your Dog’s Attention

Breed Skills

Fun and Games

Training and Agility Classes

More Dogs, More Fun

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Author Bio 

Canine Psychologist and author Lisa Tenzin-Dolma is the director of The International School of Canine Psychology and founder of The Dog Helpline. She developed the Sympatico approach for working with dogs, which uses only compassionate, reward-based methods that build trust and strengthen the bonds of affection between dogs and their owners. 

Lisa is a member of The Association of INTO Dogs, an organisation for behaviourists and trainers who use positive methods. She is the author of ‘The Heartbeat at Your Feet: A Practical, Compassionate Way to Train Your Dog’ and ‘Adopting a Rescue Dog’. Lisa lives near Bath, UK, with Skye, a Deerhound-Greyhound Lurcher. 

You can find out more about Lisa’s work at and

Customer Reviews...

County Taker -
I'm 17 and live in Orlando. Unfortunately I'm doing this alone and my dogs had a bad accident involving a motorcycle. This book has helped me learn how to train my dogs despite their many learning difficulties. Thanks to this book, I can take Gina and Henry out in public. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!


Ann Jenkins -
Excellent book, easy to follow and has given me a better insight in how to train my new puppy.


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