A Beginner's Guide

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Many homes in the UK have gardens, varying from ‘pocket-sized’ to large estates, many people now also have access to allotments and community gardens. How can you make the most of your garden, and where do you start, if, like many people, you have absolutely no knowledge of the gardening basics? This gardening guide will provide practical and informative advice about: How to get started with the gardening basics. How to design your garden. How to choose the right flowers and shrubs for your soil. How to care for your lawn. How to create a home vegetable garden. How to grown fruits and a herb garden. How to maintain your garden once it’s established Written by an experienced garden journalist, this book is a no-nonsense guide, using common plant names rather than Latin names, and includes a gardener’s dictionary. Author: Angela Youngman

Chapter Headings

Where to Start

Basic Design


Choosing and Planting

Vegetables, Fruit and Herbs

Lawn Care

Bargain Hunting


Maintenance and Problem Solving

Gardening Indoors

Help List

Gardeners’ Calendar

Gardeners’ Dictionary

Author Bio 

Angela Youngman is a freelance journalist and author. She specialises in gardening, leisure, tourism, education and careers. Angela has written several books including a series of ‘How to’ gardening books. As a journalist she has undertaken editorial work on a wide range of topics for numerous publications, as well as writing and compiling websites. Angela has also given many talks on gardening topics. She is married, has two children and lives in Norfolk.

Customer Reviews...

C. Ashton (via Amazon) -
I bought this for my son and his fiancee as they have just bought a house with a garden and know even less than me (difficult) about gardening.


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