Good Sex

A Couple's Guide

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Sexual energy is the most powerful life force and keeps us feeling alive and connected to the world around us. Having more sex daily inspires creativity and productivity and helps us to feel relaxed and happier yet it can also be a source of anxiety. Type ‘how to have good sex’ into Google and there are over 40,500 global monthly searches for help with orgasms, loss of libido, how to satisfy a man or woman in bed, aphrodisiacs and more. According to a recent study by the College of Sex & Relationship Therapy, 35% of men and 54% of women say they have problems with sex. Lack of desire is the most common problem for women and performance issues for men – premature ejaculation and erection difficulties. Recent stats from the Kinsey Institute in the US indicate that we are having less sex than our grandmothers! This book contains tips and tricks to help you have more sex (and fun) daily, how to please a man or woman in bed, and how to deepen intimacy with creative and alluring forms of kink such Tantra, Taoism and BDSM/fetish. Sex is how adults play and we could all do with a bit more of that!

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Sex and Intimacy

The Female Body

The Male Body


Pleasure Positions

Kink Play



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Sexual Health

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Author Bio 

Nicci Talbot is a freelance journalist and author specialising in health, sex and relationships. She is the author of several non-fiction titles including Fast Sex, Unzipped, Orgasm, and Get Over Your Break-up. She is women’s health topic editor at Suite101 and edits an online magazine called In Rude Health, which covers news, trends and features in the sex and relationship field and encourages couples to have more sex daily. She is training to be a certified sex coach at SexCoachU with Dr Patti Britton and Robert Dunlop, and is active on the sex-positive scene, studying with Sacred Pleasures, Birkbeck University, Loveology University, Tantralink, Shakti Tantra, and Coco de Mer. 

Nicci lives in Hastings with her 5-year-old daughter, Julieta. 

Customer Reviews...

S Nowak -
Vulva University? Heard of it? Neither had I. I have been enlightened. Asked to review The Need-2-Know book Good Sex: a Couple’s Guide I’ll be honest, I was less than enthusiastic. The title leaves little room for confusion but I wondered what it had to offer that a trillion other similar titled publications couldn’t. I mean, I’m in my forties! A woman of the world. I have not, how shall I put it, lived the life of a nun. Also, I live in Germany! Admittedly a marginally more prudish country than Sweden but a million miles away from the starchy, straight-laced Brits. I thought I had seen and heard it all? How mistaken I was. Be honest now, do you know what a Wartenburg Wheel is? Were you aware that we ladies have something called a Skene’s Gland or, indeed, what best to do with it? Have you tried Shibari? Would you go to a Munch? So much to learn and so little time..this book is there to help. Picture Incorporating such topics as basic male and female biology, the history of orgasm and sexual health to the five main sex positions, BDSM, fetish sex (favourite line: “A friend of mine tells me he gets a lot of pleasure from his rubber gas mask”) and ideas such as fasting to heighten your senses, “Good Sex. A Couple’s Guide” pretty much covers it all. Comprehensive and neatly packaged, this guide is written in a frank, open manner and devoid of judgement or prejudice. Containing a plethora of references it’s likely to have you Googling as if your sex life depended on it. Nicci Talbot, journalist and author specialising in sex and relationships, provides you with tips and tricks on all aspects of revitalising and improving on both. Apparently, recent studies form the Kinsey Institute in the US indicate that we are having less sex than our grandmothers! In compiling this book, Nicci Talbot is on a mission to change that and encourage couples to have “more sex daily”. More power to her elbow I say!


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