Grow Your Own

A Beginner's Guide

In this useful guide, the reader is led through the gardening process from initial planning and preparation, considering what sort of garden is suitable and how to make the most out of available space, through to application of simple gardening techniques. With easy-to-read sections that incorporate action points, questions and activities, the amateur grower is introduced to all the key concepts they need to start producing tasty and nutritious fruit and vegetables, and how to effectively deal with any pests and problems that may arise. This guide includes: A gardener’s year planner that helps you plan your growing year. An introductory plant listing that details the easiest-grown crops for your space. Useful contacts, addresses and information of where to look to get more advice and help for your gardening endeavours! Author: Ian O'Reilly

Chapter Headings 

Getting Started

Planning Your Garden

The Indoor Garden

The Vegetable Garden

The Allotment

Taking Care of Your Garden

Pests, Diseases and Problems

A Gardner’s Year Planner

Plant Lists


Help List

Author Bio 

Ian O’Reilly is a keen gardener who has for many years kept up his own vegetable patch in rural mid-Wales. When not battling slugs and the vagaries of the British weather he is also a freelance writer, writing guides, e-books and articles on a number of issues ranging from health to the entertainment industry.

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