A Beginner's Guide

Have you ever seen someone knitting and wondered if you could do that too? You can! This beginner’s guide to knitting will teach you how. Illustrated, step-by-step instructions will take you through the basics and help you learn to create beautiful and practical gifts for family, for friends, and for yourself. You can learn how to knit items for yourself at a fraction of what it would cost you to buy in a shop. The value added is your enjoyment, relaxation, and a way to express your style, your way. You will feel great as you create. You will wow friends with your unique accessories, and thrill family members with your hand knit gifts that show how much you care. You can learn to knit as a pastime, relaxation tool, practical skill, as a way to give gifts that are high quality and low cost, as a way to add treasured items to your wardrobe. Whatever your reason for wanting to learn to knit, this is your Need2Know guide to do it.

Chapter Headings

Knitting Equipment and Accessories
Getting Started

Creating Shaping

Knitting in the Round

Practice Patterns

Next Step Patterns

Textured Knits

Colour Works

Your First Jumper


Glossary of Abbreviations

Help List

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Author Bio 

Jeannine Romer is an expert knitter who has been teaching and knitting for thirty years. She was taught to knit by her mother when she was eight years old. Jeannine began to knit in earnest when she moved from Arizona to Rhode Island. Her move, from a warm, dry desert climate, to a cold and often snowy one, made it necessary for her to expand her skills in knitting. Jeannine is also a professional teacher of Life Sciences, and a mother with six children and one grandchild. She began knitting in the same way that she teaches in this book. Jeannine has produced scarves, hats, blankets, mittens, gloves and jumpers for babies, friends, friends’ dogs, and for herself. She has taught and coached friends and colleagues from basic learning to expanding their talents, their skill and their enjoyment of the art of knitting.

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