Planning a Wedding

The Essential Guide

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Deciding to get married is undoubtedly one of the biggest decisions you will ever make, and whether it is your first time tying the knot or you’re a more experienced hand, there is a lot to consider. Add to this pressures from friends or family and a commercial wedding industry that is full of messages about how, when and where to buy, it is no wonder that many brides-to-be can feel like buckling under the stress of it all before they even begin. However, by breaking the whole wedding planning process down into manageable pieces, this guide will walk you through the milestones of preparing for you big day. From setting and sticking to a budget through to personalising your ceremony, this book will enable you to ask all the right questions of yourself and others so that you get the day you deserve. No matter what your circumstances, Planning a Wedding: The Essential Guide will give you the tools you need to ensure your wedding runs smoothly whilst you get on with the most important job of all – relaxing and enjoying yourself. Author: Laura Gartside

Chapter Headings

Initial Preparation



Food and Drink 

Legalities and Paperwork


Making Memories

Etiquette and Expectation Management

Looking Your Best

On the Day

After the Event

The Master Timeline

Questions for Potential Wedding Venues

Questions for Potential Wedding Caterer

Questions for Potential Wedding Entertainer

Allocation of Wedding Day Duties

Help List

Author Bio 

Laura Gartside has successfully organised the weddings of several friends and family members, all of which had very different guest numbers, priorities and budgets. Her experiences made her realise that you don’t have to be an industry insider to get the best out of your day, and that any wedding can be wonderful with just the right kind of planning. It was this realisation and the subsequent desire to share her expertise that became the motivation for writing this book, and she hopes it will show brides-to-be how to take control of their wedding with the minimum amount of stress and maximum amount of style.

She currently lives with her partner in Edinburgh, and is now planning her own wedding.

Customer Reviews...

Stu (via Amazon) -
This is a stunning book with an incredible amount of information. I think this should be the first thing anyone buys after a wedding has been announced! I love the style and the wonderful organised way in which the information is arranged. It really flows and takes all the anxiety out of the things you need to know and do - and the things that you might noit even have thought of. Certainly makes life easier.


Ken Rox-Hard (via Amazon) -
This book is a fabulous companion for anyone who is planning a wedding. It is well laid out with very clear sections giving advice on aspects of the wedding planning. This book also gives you lots of alternative ideas which is useful if you want to do something a little bit different. Lastly, the checklists are indispensable! A veritable find indeed!


Chatelaine (via Amazon) -
This book really gets to the heart of the matter when it comes to planning your wedding. The layout and style are very accessible, and the book is filled with the kind of common-sense help and advice that you really need. I can't recommend it enough!


T. Curtis "SpacePup84" (via Amazon) -
This book is an absolute must-have for anyone planning a wedding. This essential guide details every step of the journey towards your perfect wedding, whatever that may be, and even throws in little historical facts (such as the origin of various wedding traditions) for your interest. Even the planning of the stag/hen night is covered, with suggestions of alternative activities (my favourite is shark diving!). Ms Gartside provides all the questions you should ask the various professionals involved in your wedding, so there should be no surprises on the big day. The book also includes a "Master Timeline", listing what you should be doing in the months leading up to the big day. Ms Gartside's experience in wedding planning is evident in this book - every possible aspect of the process is here, written in a clear, concise and easily-readable way. I really can't recommend this book enough to anyone planning a wedding, be it a friend's, family member's or their own.


Troy Kowalski (via Amazon) -
I could have done with this book prior to my wedding. Oh, I could have done with this book prior to my wedding. Had I been fortunate enough to have a copy of this, a lot of stress could and would have been prevented. My wife and I would have been able to formulate an action plan that, in plenty of time and with a minimal amount of stress, would have seen our wedding fully pumped and ready to erupt in an explosion of love and joy. As things transpired, the lead-up to the wedding was a maelstrom of stress and despair, with the net result of the face-chewingly angsty rigmarole being a wedding which, while a lot of fun, still rankles us with a writhing spider of what-ifs and left us up to our eyeballs in debt. Laura Gartside has produced the definitive no-nonsense, no-stress guide to planning your nuptials. Whether you're a rigid traditionalist or after something more esoteric, this book is an invaluable resource. Highest possible recommendation.


rainbowrose (via Amazon) -
This book is a foolproof guide with all the relevant information you may need but it doesn't take long to read. One of my favourite things was the handy checklist of what you need to have planned and by when. It also contains comprehensive advice (with diagrams)on options regarding tricky seating plans for today's modern family to minimise the risk of family politics affecting your big day. Laura Gartside doesn't make assumptions about you or how you may want your wedding but gives sensible, realistic options based on circumstances, budgets and priorities. This book has been very reassuring that my wedding needn't be a nightmare and I don't need to be a Bridezilla to have a special and unique wedding! Five Stars!


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