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So, you want to learn how to surf but, where do you start? With this essential surfing guide, everything you need to know is at your finger tips. From choosing and buying the right surf equipment, getting surf lessons, surf safety and your first ride, to advanced manoeuvres like riding the barrel and hitting the lip. Surfing: The Essential Guide will also explain how waves work, the best places to surf at home and abroad, and all about the culture, history and competitive aspects of this thrilling sport. There will also be advice on improving your fitness levels and the environmental issues associated with oceans. The surfing bug has bitten millions of people around the world, and whether you want to ride a longboard or a shortboard, rip it up or cruise, this essential guide will set you up for a lifetime’s fun in the ocean and get you started on learning to surf. Author: Kathryn Dawes

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How Waves Work

Surf Safety and Rules

First Steps


Surf Travel

Mind, Body and Spirit

Surf Culture

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Kat Dawes is a freelance writer who first surfed at age 16 on a Bic windsurfing board (without the sail) — she was hooked straight away. She has been to Europe, Australia, the Caribbean and the US searching for waves and writing about them.
After spending five years in Cornwall working at a surf magazine publisher, she moved back to West Wales to do a PhD in Creative Writing at Aberystwyth University — researching surf literature and writing a novel about surfing. She also writes and edits freelance. Kat surfs all year round and loves it, although she does think that a few more trips to the tropics would be nice.

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