Weight Training for Women

A Beginner's Guide

Staying fit and healthy is essential if you want to get the most out of life. Weight training is one of the best forms of exercise and, if done correctly, will leave you looking and feeling great. Many women avoid weight training because of concerns about the effect they think it might have on their appearance, or because they are worried about injury. This book will help to allay those concerns, and explain how to lift weights safely and effectively. Weight Training for Women : A Beginner’s Guide covers the most useful weight training exercises, how to train safely, how to select the right equipment and how to choose a training program that suits your needs, whether you are training for fat loss, physique or sport. Clear illustrations will help you understand the exercises and how to perform them correctly and safely, as well as how to use them to tone and strengthen your body and improve your health and wellbeing. Author: Lesley Harrison

Chapter Headings 

Why Weight Training?

Basic Exercises

Weight Training for Fat Loss
 Weight Training for Physique

Weight Training for Sport

Getting More from Your Weight Training

Injury Recovery and Prevention

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Author Bio 

Lesley Harrison is a martial artist and powerlifter. She has been involved in athletic pursuits since she was a teenager, but was forced to give up her primary pursuit, long distance running, due to a recurring injury. She has found that weight training has helped with her injury, reduced her migraine symptoms, and had many other positive effects on her life. She would like to share the benefits with other women around the world. Lesley works as a freelance author, writing in the technology and fitness niches.

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