The Menopause

An Essential Guide

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The menopause is a natural event in every woman’s life, yet it is often a source of anxiety and stress because we don’t know what to expect. 
That’s where this book can help. It presents key information about the menopause so you can choose the best course of action. 

Chapters explore the stages of the menopause and the symptoms you can expect, explaining their causes and offering simple solutions to help you cope. You’ll also find information on complementary therapies, healthy eating, sexual wellbeing, self-esteem and the pros and cons of HRT.

Whatever stage of the menopause you’re at, this guide will arm you with practical, no-nonsense advice, helping you to go through the process positively and healthily. 

This is a new stage in your life, a period of transition and an opportunity to assess where you are now and what you want to achieve for your future - so embrace it! 

Chapter Headings 

All About the Menopause

The Reproductive Cycle

Symptoms and Solutions

Hormone Replacement Therapy

Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM)

Nutrition and the Menopause

Exercise and Lifestyle Changes

Sex and the Menopause

Your Future Health

Your Stories

Help List

Author Bio

Nicci Talbot is a freelance journalist and author specialising in women’s health, sexuality and wellbeing. She has written six books for the consumer health market and is the women’s health feature writer at

As well as writing as a freelance, Nicci is also training for a diploma in holistic massage. For updates on women’s health, follow her blog at

Customer Reviews...

Gigi (via Amazon) -
This is a very easy to read guide. It has all the essential information you need in clearly set-out chapters. You can dip-in to find the information you need. If you are looking for a clear, simple guide to the menopause and both traditional and complementary treatments, with no jargon, then I'd recommend this one. It is also very reasonably priced.


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