Buy to Let

The Essential Guide

Property investment is not for everyone. The huge risk factor of investing your own money combined with the complicated and strict property laws and tax regulations that must be adhered to, mean this kind of business venture is only for those capable of forward thinking and effective planning – and willing to take the risks in order to reap the rewards. Therefore, an important question to ask yourself before you commit to any property investment is: am I right for this? One of the aims of this book is to answer this question, as well as help you understand the whole business of buying to let. Inside this informative and useful guide we introduce insurance, talk tax, figure out finance, and point out pitfalls and how to overcome or avoid them. If your intention is to enter the buy to let market, or you are a new investor just starting out, and you’re looking for some friendly and practical advice on the issues related to this industry, you’ve come to the right place. Following the detailed advice and guidance on matters such as tenancy agreements and buy to let mortgages, will ensure you realise the full potential of yourself and your investment.

Chapter Headings

Buying to Let: Understanding the Concept

How to Get Started and What’s Involved

Reasons to Invest in Buying to Let

Tax Implications

Getting Properties Insured

Potential Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them

Ten Things to Consider When Buying To Let

Looking Forward: A Resurgent Market


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