Gay Relationships

The Essential Guide

This guide to gay relationships focuses on the issues that specially affect gay men. It begins with meeting the right guy and the challenge of coming out, which is still such a big issue in our society. It explains your rights as a gay man and how you should deal with discrimination in your daily life, at school and at work. It includes three chapters on gay sex techniques from that very first time with another man, through kissing and frottage to oral and anal sex. It puts the perils of STIs into perspective and explains how gay men can protect themselves. It examines the differences between simply living together and civil partnership and looks at the various ways gay men can have children. Whether you are only just coming to terms with your sexuality or are already in a meaningful relationship, you’ll find plenty of information to make your life, including your sex life, better and better.

Chapter Headings

Finding a Partner

Coming Out

Dealing With Discrimination

My First Time

Advanced Techniques

Anal Sex

Sex Problems

Living Together and Civil Partnership


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Author Bio 

Paul Jenner specialises in making sex lives – and all aspects of life - happier. He is the author of more than 30 books including Have Great Sex, Get Intimate With Tantric Sex and How To Be Happier as well as the ebooks Secrets Of The Kama Sutra and 60 Wrong Ways To Have Sex. He lives in Spain with his partner, three horses, two dogs and two sheep. He would be delighted to hear from you via his website

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