Leaving Home

The Essential Guide

Moving out for the first time can be an exciting and fun experience, however it takes a lot of organisation and there are many issues to consider. So how can you make sure your first solo move runs smoothly? This easy-to-read guide aims to help first time buyers and renters. It is full of useful checklists and reminders to ensure that nothing is forgotten, from finances and legalities to the more practical matters of leaving home. The book covers issues from managing a budget and security and safety, to dealing with emergencies and decorating your new home. There are also sections dedicated to relationships, physical and emotional health. Whether you are moving out to buy or rent for the first time, or are the parent of a young person leaving home, this guide is essential for the whole moving process and will ensure all important and necessary tasks have been dealt with. Author: Glynis Kozma

Chapter Headings

Your Finances

Rent or Buy, and Where?

Buying Furniture and Appliances

Decorating and Making Your House a Home

Safety, Security and Emergencies

Looking After Your Home

Eating Healthily

Looking After Your Emotional Health

Looking After Your Physical Health

Getting Ready to Buy Your Home

Author Bio 

Glynis Kozma is a writer, personal coach and teacher. She specialises in writing about education, the family and relationships. Glynis taught English for many years in independent and state schools, before training as a coach. She now combines writing, coaching and some teaching. Glynis has a son and daughter both of whom attended state schools. Her son has a master’s degree and her daughter is currently at university. 

Glynis lives in Hertfordshire and can be contacted through www.glyniskozma.co.uk.

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