Lesbian Relationships

The Essential Guide

There are around 3 million lesbian and bisexual women in the UK, according to national statistics. Certain cities have a high gay and lesbian population with organised networks, events and activities but what if you live in a smaller town or village? How do you find your ‘tribe’ of like-minded women to create a supportive, open-minded community? Whether you’re single, in a relationship, bisexual, lesbian or trans, monogamous or polyamorous, this guide is for you. Packed with practical tips and techniques, it will help you make the most of your sexuality, health and relationships now and in the future. Most of us want to learn how to have fulfilling long-term relationships that are exciting, passionate and fill us with joy. Ignore the comments about ‘lesbian bed death’ and short-term flings. The key to long-term passion and fulfillment is setting an intention and having a good relationship with yourself first: physically, emotionally and spiritually. Inside, you’ll find information about the two types of desire, how to raise sexual energy through ‘Orgasmic Meditation’ and tantra, anatomy and health, self-esteem, body image, dating and communication, fantasy and seduction, and how to stimulate your erotic imagination. There’s also a chapter on pregnancy and parenting, which explains the pros and cons of donor conception, surrogacy and adoption for single women and those in a relationship. Plus a comprehensive resource guide featuring lesbian literature, erotica, female-friendly sex boutiques, websites, magazines, educational salons, support organisations, and sex-positive festivals and events around the UK.

Chapter Headings

Coming Out

Sex and Desire

The Female Body


Dating and Friendship

Fantasy and Foreplay

Pleasure Toys


Alternative Parenting

Civil Partnership and Marriage

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Nicci Talbot is a freelance journalist, copywriter and author. She edits RUDE magazine, an online resource for better sex, relationships, health and wellbeing. She also hosts a walking book club in East Sussex. You can contact the author at 

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