Skin Cancer and Sun Safety

The Essential Guide

Voted 5 star by Macmillan cancer patients and survivors who reviewed it. Each year we are warned about the dangers of UVB rays and how important it is to protect ourselves from the damaging effects they have on our skin. Up to 90% of skin cancer could be prevented if we were more aware of sun safety issues. Skin Cancer and Sun Safety: The Essential Guide aims to provide expert advice and the latest research on sun safety and the treatment of skin cancer. There are chapters on how to use sunscreen, how a diagnosis of skin cancer is made and ways the skin can be treated during and after cancer. Subjects included are the different types of skin cancer, risk factors, the emotional effects of skin cancer and aftercare, plus up-to-date, straightforward information on sunscreen, sun beds and treatments. There are also lots of practical tips for staying safe in the sun. Whether you have just been diagnosed as having sun damaged skin or want advice on protecting yourself and your family in the sun, this guide provides the essential information. Author: Rachel Newcombe

Chapter Headings 

Understanding the Skin

Risk Factors for Skin Cancer

Non-Melanoma Skin Cancer

Malignant Melanoma Skin Cancer

The Emotional Effects of Skin Cancer

Life After Skin Cancer

All About Sunscreen

Skin Cancer Prevention

Sunbeds and Tanning

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Author Bio 

Rachel Newcombe is an award-winning freelance writer, editor and researcher who specialises in covering health issues. Over the last 10 years, Rachel has written extensively on health issues for a wide range of national magazines, newspapers and online publications, including BUPA, NetDoctor, Channel 4, The Times, Boots, Discovery Health and Families First for Health (Great Ormond Street Hospital). She was also previously editor of Health Today magazine. 
Rachel has a long-term interest in skin cancer and sun safety and won an online journalism award in the Medical Journalism Awards for work on the dangers of sunbeds. For more information about the latest research into skin cancer and sun safety, see 

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