Step Parents

The Essential Guide

Nobody ever said it was going to be easy, and sometimes just making a traditional family structure work effectively can be a challenge in itself. Stepfamily life can be difficult, confusing and hard work; but ultimately can offer love, warmth and enormous emotional rewards. Packed with practical advice and written by someone who has experience of being both a stepchild and a step-parent, this book aims to offer advice and support to all parents experiencing the joys and challenges of making a stepfamily work. Family set-ups in this day and age are diverse and flexible, and this book looks to address as many variables as possible, offering support, guidance and information. The stepfamily can be a wonderful, loving environment for all members to enjoy, and this emotive and informative guide aims to make that journey as enjoyable and serene as possible.

Chapter Headings

What is a Stepfamily?

The Children

Extended Family and Exes

Accepting Change

Day-to-Day Life


Advice for Step-Parents

The Dreaded Teens!

Sharing Parenting

Top-Tips for Step-Parents

Help List

Author Bio 

Sam Harrington-Lowe is a journalist and event organiser based in West Sussex. With almost 20 years’ experience as a writer and editor for a number of lifestyle titles, she has written extensively over the years on a wide range of subjects.
Now in her forties, Sam has this year embarked on becoming a step-parent herself; having one daughter of her own already she and her partner have created a new family by bringing their children together to forge a joint future. This book offers the voice of experience, of hope and encouragement, and hopefully advice on a clear way forward for all stepfamilies.

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