Stop Smoking

The Essential Guide

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Stopping smoking is really hard for some people. Smoking is said to be one of the hardest things to give up once you have started. The more you understand your addiction the better. This book takes you through all stages from understanding your addiction to deciding why it is best to stop, the benefits you can expect, medications to help, some thoughts on addictive thinking and some traps and triggers along the way and how to avoid them. Stop Smoking: The Essential Guide also outlines alternative choices to help with symptoms including such holistic remedies as herbal remedies, acupuncture, hypnotism, coping with stress and weight gain and even how relatives and friends can help support you. It has been said that knowledge is power and this book aims to give you the knowledge to make the changes you need to be able to say ‘No’!

Chapter Headings

Defining Tobacco Addiction
Medications and Reducing Physical Withdrawal Symptoms

Planning Your Stop Smoking Day

The First Few Days and Weeks

Stopping Smoking and Managing Weight

How do I Stop Smoking and Handle

Complementary Therapies

How to Support a Loved One

Staying Stopped

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Author Bio 

Simon Daubney has worked as a specialist nurse adviser for a NHS Stop Smoking service for over 6 years, and has been involved with smoking cessation for a number more. A qualified nurse, he has experience in creating a training course designed to train others in the Stop Smoking service he delivers. 
He has witnessed the benefits in patients who've stopped smoking  and those whose lives have not just been lengthened, but also enhanced through delaying further damage brought about by nicotine addiction. 
As a previous 30-a-day smoker himself, Simon can empathise with people wanting to quit, and understand how difficult the stopping smoking process can be.  

Customer Reviews...

M.J. -
If you smoke this book should definatley be at the top of you list of things to buy in your bid to escape tobacco. I myself do not smoke but my husband does and i found this book to be a gentle way to encourage him to become a non smoker. The easy to understand and well set out headings for each section mean You can flick through the book and read whats relevant to You rather than having to fight your way through from beginning to end to get to the point. The book covers a range of topics that can affect smokers and non smokers alike, the section on how smoking affects pets is quite enlightening for a start. I have read the book front start to finish myself and believe that it will be a great help to any who wish to be smoke free, there is a good balance between down to earth practical advice and professional medical information. One of the best things i like about this book is that the Author does not lecture as a lot of self help books do, his writing style is encouraging and helpful. I look forward to his next work and to seeing the results of my husband beating the smoke with the help of this book.


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