Bowel Cancer

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Voted 5 star by Macmillan cancer patients and survivors who reviewed it. Bowel cancer is the third most common cancer in the UK, affecting more than 37,000 people in every year. The symptoms of the disease are vague and are shared with other less serious conditions however an increased awareness and knowledge of bowel cancer, together with the availability of better treatments, mean that the outcomes for people with bowel cancer are improving all the time. This practical and no-nonsense guide provides clear facts about bowel cancer, explaining in detail the risk factors, screening, the critical importance of early diagnosis, treatment and ways of reducing the risk of getting the disease. Being well informed about bowel cancer is critical in deciding to see a doctor if you are worried that something might be wrong or being able to deal with a diagnosis of the disease in a positive way. If you have been diagnosed with bowel cancer or if you want to know more about this disease, this comprehensive guide will provide you with all of the practical and valuable information that you need. Author: Ian Eustace

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What is Bowel Cancer?

Prevention of Bowel Cancer

Symptoms of Bowel Cancer

Diagnosis of Bowel Cancer

Treating Bowel Cancer

Living with Bowel Cancer

Bowel Cancer – A Survivor’s Story

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Ian Eustace spent many years in the Pharmaceutical Industry promoting treatments for different types of cancer. Through meetings with doctors he came into contact with cancer patients and learned the value of being well informed about a disease such as bowel cancer. His role evolved into communication and education and in 2003 he became a freelance writer specialising in health topics such as cancer. Having seen close friends being diagnosed with, treated for and surviving, bowel cancer, he decided to use the knowledge he had gained over the years to write a practical guide on bowel cancer to document the transformation of what was once a killer disease into a manageable long term condition.

Ian lives with his wife and family in Nottingham.

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