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If you, a friend, a daughter, a partner or a patient are considering an abortion this book offers all the impartial advice needed at this hard and emotional time. 

Written for women of all ages, backgrounds and circumstances this book offers practical advice and information, including making a decision, treatment options and advice on making a good recovery. 

Chapter Headings

An Unwanted Pregnancy

What is an Abortion?

Having an Abortion

Making a Decision

Abortion, Ethics, Religion and the Law

Preparing for Abortion

Medical Abortion

Vacuum Aspiration Abortion

Dilation and Evacuation and Late Abortions 

Supporting Someone Through Abortion

Your Health After Abortion 

Moving On 

Author Bio

Johanna Payton is a freelance journalist and author specialising in health, sex and relationships. Her features and real life interviews have appeared in national newspapers and magazines including The Times, The Guardian, Grazia, The Daily Express, Take a Break, Bliss and More. 

Customer Reviews...

Eleanor Silver (via Amazon) -
I found this guide excellent reading to help me think about and unravel the complex issues around abortion and to understand the practicalities of this kind of decision - it was a really good mix of information and women's anecdotes and gave practical and emotional advice - recommended for women contemplating abortion and for anyone supporting them through it.


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