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Many people need to take medication from time to time for everyday ailments or injuries. Some people with chronic or long term health issues may end up being given a lot of drugs to help deal with pain or other problems secondary to the main one. Most people would like to minimise the quantity of drugs they have to take. Often Acupressure can help with symptom relief for things like pain and tiredness, mood and energy levels. The first part of the book will help you decide if Acupressure might help you and whether you should seek a therapist or self treat. The underlying principles of Acupressure and the Oriental approach to health are explained and different Acupressure therapies are described to help you to choose which one is for you. The second half of the book is in the form of a self help manual. It is designed to help you to decide which techniques or pressure points to use, how to locate points, and how to stimulate them. All of the information given is tried and tested traditional Acupressure. The pressure points recommended are all chosen for ease of use, safety and effectiveness. Extensive use of illustrations throughout will make it easy to find the points used. Safety is of paramount concern and you will be encouraged to consult your Doctor if symptoms persist. Throughout it will be made clear when to use Acupressure and when to seek medical help. Author: Denis Jevon

Chapter Headings

Acupressure — An Overview

Oriental Diagnosis

Acupressure Today

Acupressure and Wellbeing

Understanding the Body

Meridans, Points and Techniques

Pressure Points and Their Uses

Acupressure for Animals

Daily Routines for Wellbeing

Author Bio 

Denis Jevon has been using acupressure for 42 years and has been a practising therapist for over 25 years. An interest in the oriental approach to the body and energy started with martial arts in teenage years. 

This gave him an awareness of meridians and pressure points and started a lifetime study.  From the age of 17, Denis used acupressure to help control his own serious, chronic health problem. Later, he studied anatomy, physiology, massage, kinesiology and acupressure and has been working as a therapist in the Welsh Borders ever since.

Customer Reviews...

Toddy Alcock -
Just to add to 'comments' on using some of the pressure points from the book. I've been using the pressure point in the wrists for the heart since October, over two months ago. My heart kept going into atrial fibrillation, the worst session lasting constantly for 84hours, it left me feeling exhausted and a little scared. After you showed me the pressure points in the wrists, I've used them whenever my heart has kicked off! Since then I haven't had any session of AF lasting more than a minute! It can't be that my heart has improved so much on its' own, it has to be because the pressure point works! It's brilliant! Last night a friend came to stay, it was her birthday and we were having a dinner party to celebrate. She arrived with a horrible migraine-like headache and looked washed out. I told her about the acupressure I used, got your book, found some suitable points for her problem and low and behold after using them her headache gradually lifted and she was able to enjoy her party! She is now going to buy your book! Great stuff Denis!


ceejaybee (via Amazon) -
Acupressure- the essential guide At last, a simple to understand, self help, no nonsense guide to Acupressure. How amazing to be able to adminster a treatment to yourself, from early morning driving with cramp, to helping overcome nerves when speaking in public. This self-help book, is very 'user friendly' and easy to apply to yourself or even your animals. The author has included some simple illustrations, which I found invaluable as a complete novice. The various case histories he recorded & his obvious wealth of practical knowledge shows through & gave me lots of confidence in starting out myself.


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