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If you, a friend, colleague or family member has a problem with alcohol, this book offers all the alcohol abuse facts and help you need to help stop the damage and chaos caused by problem drinking. 

From diagnosing the problem, through to breaking behavioural patterns and getting treatment, this book finds solutions to binge drinking and other forms of alcohol abuse. Support for children with alcoholic parents and guidance for those living with an alcoholic is also included. 

Chapter Headings

What is Alcoholism?

Spotting the Problem

Alcoholism and the Family

Teenage and Underage Drinking

What Happens to Your Body?

Foetal Alcohol Syndrome

Dealing with the Reality

 Help for Children

Sorting it Out

The Recovery Options

The Future

Help list

Author Bio 

Sam Harrington-Lowe has been a journalist since 1995 specialising in lifestyle titles. She has been the editor for three different magazines and currently enjoys writing for a variety of publications. She lives in West Sussex and also has her own Brighton-based event management company which offers PR as well as corporate and private events all over the world.

Sam has a vested interest in writing this book. As the daughter of an alcoholic mother who died when Sam was eighteen, she knows full well the problems and heartache associated with alcoholism, and with another younger member of the family now caught up in destructive drinking patterns as well, she is all too aware of the dangers of binge drinking and underage drinking, and the damage this can cause too.

She hopes that this book might make a difference to anyone affected by alcohol abuse, whatever their situation, and certainly show them that they are not alone.

Customer Reviews...

SamW (via Amazon) -
A brief, no nonsense, summative guide to this horrendous illness with some useful contact addresses. Can read in a couple of hours and a good starting point for someone trying to get to grips with understanding the nature of the illness. Doubt that it would be helpful for the sufferer ......and not sure what would be.


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