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Between 8 and 10% of children and 5% of adults suffer with asthma. A long-term condition, asthma is a common disease of the airways, caused by inflammation, resulting in symptoms of breathlessness, cough and wheeze. This informative, easy-to-read guide is written for those of you who are affected by this debilitating and sometimes serious condition. If you, your child or someone you know has recently been diagnosed with asthma, this book will provide you with practical information and advice to help gain speedy control of symptoms and in turn, improve quality of life. This book explains the diagnosis and symptoms of asthma and looks at how it affects all age groups. You will also find a detailed section describing the differing treatment options. Another part focuses on how to use your inhalers effectively. One chapter offers advice on how to recognise an asthma attack and how to deal with it. Understanding your asthma is the key to gaining control of your symptoms and enjoying life. Author: Catherine Short

Chapter Headings

What is Asthma?

Atopic and Non-Allergic Asthma

Asthma Across the Ages

Goals of Asthma Treatment

Types of Inhalers and Devices

Smoking and Asthma

What to do During an Asthma Attack

Making the Most of Your Review

Keeping Well

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Author Bio 

Catherine Short is a freelance writer, specialising in health related issues. She also works full-time, as a Nurse Practitioner in a busy general practice in Cheshire. Catherine has a BSC (Hons) Nurse Practitioner degree and holds an Asthma diploma. She has seventeen years of experience caring for people with long term conditions including asthma.

Both Catherine and her husband have a strong family history of Asthma which was the inspiration for writing this book. She is very keen to make information more accessible to the general public and hopes this book will help to broaden patient education and understanding.

Customer Reviews...

Joanne (via Amazon) -
This guide is a must read for anyone who suffers with asthma or lives with someone who is affected by this condition. It is very easy to follow and includes all the necessary information that you need to know with sensible straight forward advice. With all this information for such a great price, it is a must buy!


Nurse again (via Amazon) -
I would recommend this book to all asthma sufferers with its easy to read chapters, including information about inhaler technique and self management planning. It is useful for "how to manage an attack" and a very good reference book for those with relatives or colleagues who suffer from Asthma. I hope this book does very well and the author has many more successes as I believe it is well written and I will look out for any more she writes.


carolb (via Amazon) -
The book provides clear information that any newly-diagnosed asthmatic would find extremely helpful. Also suitable for anyone who is uncertain about their condition and wants to understand a bit more.


Peter Ridley (via Amazon) -
My son suffers from asthma attacks and this is the best "first aid" guide on the subject that I have come across. I recommend it to anyone who either has asthma themselves or cares for someone who suffers from it. "Asthma-the Essential Guide" does just what it "says on the tin"


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