Breast Cancer

The Essential Guide

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Chosen as one of Cancer Research UK's Recommended Reads. Voted 5 star by Macmillan cancer patients and survivors who reviewed it. Breast Cancer: The Essential Guide - screening, treatment and beyond. Written by the winner of the non-fiction writer award at the Brit Writers' Awards 2010, Katherine Locke. Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women in the UK, there are approximately 45,000 new cases every year. A new diagnosis can be very frightening and many people will have no prior knowledge of the disease. This book is for women and their families who are looking for a comprehensive but plain language breast cancer guide and information including breast cancer screening and treatments. Many people find that doctors, although highly qualified and well meaning, can forget how little the layperson knows about medical procedures and terminology. This breast cancer guide will take the reader through from the basics of ‘what is breast cancer?’ to being diagnosed and where you can get support and information, the treatment options and caring for your carers to dealing with the emotional after-effects of being a survivor. Written by a survivor of breast cancer and peer reviewed by a breast cancer specialist, this book will provide everything women need to know about breast care, being diagnosed with breast cancer, the treatments and the road to recovery. Author: Katherine Locke

Chapter Headings

What is Breast Cancer?

Causes and Risks of Breast Cancer

Tests and Diagnosis

Breast Cancer Treatment

Your Feelings and Emotions

Feelings and Emotions of Your Loved Ones

The Road to Recovery

Life After Breast Cancer

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Author Bio 

Katherine Locke is a freelance writer who was diagnosed with breast cancer in February 2007. She has written about the subject for The Guardian and has undertaken a large quantity of research on all aspects of breast cancer.

Katherine won the non-fiction category at the Brit Writers’ Awards 2010 for her book, Six Women on Twelve Walks.

Customer Reviews...

A C Everitt -
My partner was has recently been diagnosed with Breast Cancer and we found ourselves caught up in the medical whirlwind. This book was given to me and has very clear information about all aspects of breast cancer, from diagnosis, to treatment to recovery. A great basic guide, especially for carers.


Angie Brignell -
My first reaction was that it is a bright and fresh looking text with a clear format that is appealing and encouraging without resorting to 'flowers and hearts' feminisation and avoiding surplus cartoons or pictures. The women on the front cover are cheerful and of course in the ubiquitous but easily recognisable pink tops! Perhaps the girls are slightly young for the typical ratio of patients but maybe the book is as much designed to appeal to the younger patient, maybe they are all actual sufferers , I don't know. Overall I found the book excellent; not patronisingly jolly but positive and matter of fact and packed with information without being overwhelming. The presentation is crisp and easy to read and I loved the bullet points and emphatic margin notes to summarise.


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