Cervical Cancer

The Essential Guide

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Voted 5 star by Macmillan cancer patients and survivors who reviewed it. Approximately 3,000 women in the UK are diagnosed with cervical cancer each year. Awareness is on the increase, with many women wanting to arm themselves with accurate cervical health information. This no-nonsense guide gives you clear cervical cancer information, explaining in detail the screening process, why regular cervical health check-ups are important and how to overcome the physical and emotional challenges that cervical cancer can bring. Written by a survivor of cervical cancer, this sensitive book takes women through the entire process: from cervical health check-ups and diagnosis, through to treatment options and aftercare. Practical strategies for supporting relatives are included, together with advice for parents and teachers wanting to talk to young people about the risks. If you have just received a diagnosis of cervical cancer, or you want to know more about gynaecological health, this comprehensive guide will provide you with the clear and sensitive advice you need. Cervical Cancer – The Essential Guide also includes a foreword by Dr Anne Szarewski (Wolfson Institute of Preventive Medicine).

Chapter Headings

What is Cervical Cancer?


The Screening Programme

Treatment Following an Abnormal Result

Treatment for Cervical Cancer

Emotions and Feelings

After Treatment

Life After Cancer

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Author Bio 

Mary Lunnen began writing at an early age and became passionate about ‘words for well-being’ the day she was diagnosed with cancer in 1994. The journal she started that day became a compilation of women’s stories, published as Flying in the Face of Fear in 1998. 

She launched Dare to Blossom Life Coaching in 2003 and works with people wanting to achieve their potential and love the lives they live. She has contributed articles to various magazines and published Dare to Blossom: Coaching and Creativity in 2008.

Mary lives with her husband Dave in Cornwall.

Customer Reviews...

Louise -
I found this book to be extremely informative and a comforting read for anyone going through the trauma of cervical cancer. It is an excellent quick reference guide and does not go over the top but treats the subject matter sympathetically. would recommend this book to anyone wishing to find out more whether it be the patient or their family.


Mrs. A. G. Attfield (via Amazon) -
This is a really really good book. Well laid out and interesting, one I will come back to again and again. I found it pitched at exactly the right level, well written with the right amount of detail. It covers the key facts clearly and will be an ideal read for those who require a comprehensive overview of the topic. For those with the need for an in depth understanding and exploration of the topic it is an excellent starting point for further research.


Delia -
Excellent informative book about cervical cancer. I was diagnosed with this disease 18 years ago and would have loved to have had this book to hand then for information and references. I enjoyed reading all the advances in treatment since my own experience. I would recommend this book to any woman.


Anne Orchard (via Amazon) -
This is a helpful book both for those who want to better understand the risks of cervical cancer or the screening programme, and for anyone who has had an abnormal smear test or treatment for cervical cancer. It explains clearly the types of abnormality and what they mean, and what treatments may be suggested. The snippets of the author's experience and others bring the information to life, which stops it being too dry and factual. It's a well-presented, small book which is packed with information, support and further reading resources. It also has nice wide margins which allow you to make your own notes. Anne Orchard


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