Deafness and Hearing Loss

The Essential Guide

Losing the ability to hear properly can be a frightening prospect. How will it affect relationships, work or education? What if you are a teenager with hearing problems? This book helps people of all ages come to terms with their hearing loss or deafness and overcome the new challenges that daily life might bring. It has sections explaining the different kinds of hearing loss and what can be done to ease any difficulties. Young people, parents, teachers and professionals can learn what deafness is, why it occurs and what changes can be made to support those who have lost their hearing. If your child or partner is deaf or hard of hearing, you will find all the information you need in this handy guide, as well as advice if you are the one looking for some help and support. Author: Juliet England

Chapter Headings 


Hearing Loss in Childhood

Glue Ear


Deafness and Hearing Loss at Work




Cochlear Implants

Living with Hearing Loss

Help List

Author Bio 

Juliet England trained as a journalist after completing a modern languages degree. She has also worked as a charity press officer and a corporate copywriter. She now works as a freelance copywriter and journalist, and has also completed an MA in Creative and Critical Writing at Winchester University. She lives in Reading and has a severe hearing loss herself. 

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