The Essential Guide

If you are depressed, you're not alone. As many as one in five people are suffering along with you at any one time. Depression is an equal opportunity illness, affecting all ages and social groups. One of the most effective ways to recover from depression is to learn to take control of the illness. Knowledge is power – knowing just what you are faced with will help you and your family to cope with the experience. Depression: The Essential Guide is aimed at dispelling the myths and stigma surrounding depression as a 'mental illness' and explains what depression is, what drug and therapy treatments can do and how you can help yourself. Knowledge is a way to alleviate the effects of depression. The information in this book will help you take the first step towards coping effectively, whether it is for yourself or for someone you care about.

Chapter Headings

Types of Depression

What Causes Depression?

You’re Depressed – What Now?

Caring for Someone Who’s Depressed

Depression and Suicide

Children Don’t Get Depressed, Do They?

Depression and Other Serious Health Problems

Life After Depression – Looking Forward

Help List

Author Bio 

Glenys O’Connell is the published author of novels, non-fiction and children’s books and is an award winning playwright. She became interested in the workings of the mind while a journalist covering the crime beat on newspapers in the UK and Canada, and explored it further with a degree in psychology. 

She went on to work as a cognitive behavioural counsellor in private practice. She has a special interest in depression because of her own family background and believes that more openness and acceptance of depression and other mental health issues will encourage people to seek help and wellness. Glenys welcomes visitors and encourages comments at her blog, 

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