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Diagnoses of diabetes are on the rise across the UK. It is considered to be a ‘chronic condition’ and living with it requires an understanding of what it is and how to treat it. With good advice and some understanding of what you’re eating and the effect it has on your blood sugars, as well as a healthy dose of discipline, you can find a balance between having a chronic condition and having a healthy, happy life. Diabetes: The Essential Guide looks at what the diabetic condition is, the difference between Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes, how a person becomes diabetic, the types of medication available and how you can manage diabetes. Information and advice is also included for parents with diabetic children. Whether you have just been diagnosed with diabetes, or work, teach or live with someone who is a sufferer, this book will arm you with all the essential facts you need to know about the condition. Author: Sue Marshall

Chapter Headings 

Symptoms, Diagnosis and Types

Blood Testing

Medications Explained

Treating a Hypo or Hyper

Diabetes and Diet

Diabetes and Pregnancy

Children With Diabetes

Diabetes Management Equipment

Diabetes Complications

Additional Information

Diabetes Glossary

Appendix A Food and Blood Test Diary

Help List

Author Bio 

Sue Marshall was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at the age of five. Now 44, she has lived with the condition for nearly 40 years. She had a career in journalism spanning nearly 20 years, all the while living with diabetes, before setting up Desang, a company providing diabetes healthcare information and products.

Sue is an expert on the range and purpose of current diabetes management equipment, which she says has ‘changed a lot in the last four decades since I was diagnosed’. The improved equipment goes hand-in-hand with improved medications and medical knowledge, much of which is connected with the role of diet and behaviour in diabetes management. Sue lives in East Sussex and can be contacted through her website www.desang.net. 

Customer Reviews...

Tom -
Covers everything you want to know about diabetes - what it is, who gets it, how to treat it and how to improve your eating habits to control it. It explains both type 1 and type 2 diabetes in clear, easy to understand terms and stays away from the jargon. I find blood sugar and insulin, whether it's high or low, whether to have an injection or eat a biscuit, confusing and this books lays out the information in a clear way that takes away the confusion.


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