Down's Syndrome

The Essential Guide

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Finding out that your baby has Down’s Syndrome can be a time filled with worry and confusion. What does Down's Syndrome mean for you and other members of the family? What adjustments will have to be made? What support is available? Down's Syndrome: The Essential Guide explains exactly what Down’s Syndrome is, how to accept a diagnosis of Down's Syndrome and move forward, and what support is available should you need it. Parents can use the book to find out what educational provisions are available, how to cope with new family dynamics and what can be done in the future to help a child with Down’s Syndrome live happily and achieve their potential. Providing expert information along with sources of support, this book is essential reading for all parents and carers of a child with Down’s Syndrome. Author: Antonia Chitty and Victoria Dawson

Chapter Headings

What is Down’s Syndrome?

Finding Out Your Child Has Down’s Syndrome

The Early Years


Health Matters

Enjoying Family Life

Beating Stress, Sleeping Well


Working with Professionals

Moving Towards Adulthood

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Author Bio 

Antonia Chitty is a freelance health writer and author of a number of parenting and business books. She trained as an optometrist and promoted eye health for RNIB before moving on to write health features for Which? magazine. Find out more at 

Victoria Dawson is a teacher; she has taught in special schools for eight years and holds a post graduate diploma in Special and Inclusive Education and a diploma in Counselling. Victoria has also worked for Scope as a project manager, researching and writing a training package around strengthening family relationships when the child has a disability. Victoria is also a sleep counsellor and was trained by Sleep Scotland. 

Customer Reviews...

Littlesheep Learning (via Amazon) -
In my opinion this book is great, it has simple easy to read chapters so that you can dip in and out as things become relevant to you or read it in one sitting. There are facts, parents experiences and a very comprehensive list of support organisations - a fantastic resource for anyone with a child with Down's Syndrome or who is caring for one.


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