Heart Disease

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Heart disease is the number one killer in the UK, but many people do not even know they have a heart problem. A damaged heart can damage your life by interfering with enjoyable activities and even your ability to do simple things. But it doesn’t have to. Everyone has the ability to take some control of their own heart health. You can protect your heart through nutrition, lifestyle, and exercise choices, and you can decrease the severity of your condition if you are diagnosed with heart disease by working with your health care providers. This book is a guide for you if you wish to assess your risk for heart disease and minimise it; it provides information and advice for you if you already know you are at risk for heart disease; it is here to help you if you have been diagnosed with heart disease; and it will provide support for all your families. This book will teach you about your heart, help you recognise that heart disease is a real problem, but encourage you to understand that it can be dealt with. It will inform, support and empower you if you suffer from heart disease, believe you are at risk, or love someone who is. Author: Jane Mijovic-Kondejewski

Chapter Headings


What is Heart Disease?

Risk Factors for Heart Disease

Symptoms of Heart Disease

Getting a Diagnosis


Heart Surgery

Getting Help for a Heart Attack

Eating For Your Heart

Lifestyle Changes For Your Heart

Women and Heart Disease


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Author Bio 

Dr Jane Mijovic-Kondejewski has a PhD in Human Physiology and has spent 15 years researching, writing and teaching about the way the human body works. She is an award-winning writer of original research papers, book chapters and books, and has her own company which specialises in providing health-care information to researchers, physicians, and the general public.

Jane has had a personal interest in heart health since some of her family and closest friends were diagnosed with heart disease nearly three decades ago. She is a firm advocate of preventive medicine and uses her expertise to help people at risk for heart disease, and those who have been diagnosed, live with and manage their conditions on a daily basis. 

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