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In 2010, an estimated 91,500 people in the United Kingdom had HIV. Approximately 25% of these people were unaware they were victims of the disease. In 2011, there were 5,594 new cases of HIV. Although there is no cure for HIV at this time, lives can be extended through early diagnosis and proper treatment. This book can help people recognise signs and symptoms of HIV and AIDS. It can also help identify and avoid risky behaviours that may lead to a HIV infection. Seeking to remove the unknown from this mysterious disease, this informative guide clarifies what HIV is, and how it is identified and treated. It also explains other illnesses you can get when you are HIV-positive. Most importantly, it talks about how to stay well and live a productive life after finding out that you are HIV-positive. It is a helpful resource not only for people who have been diagnosed with HIV or AIDS, but also for their friends and family members.

Chapter Headings

What is HIV and AIDS?

How Can You Contract HIV and AIDS?

How is HIV and AIDS Diagnosed?

Current HIV/AIDS Treatments

Side Effects of HIV/AIDS Treatments

What Infections are Dangerous to HIV/AIDS Patients?

Keeping Well

What to do When a Friend or Family Member is Diagnosed with HIV/AIDS

Making the Most of Life After a HIV/AIDS Diagnosis

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J. J. Reinoehl is a freelance author. Non-fiction and postmodern fiction are her favourite genres of freelance writing. When she is not writing, she can be found checking out stacks of books at the local library. She holds both a degree in Biology and a degree in Theatre. 

In college, she did biomedical research on a variety of topics including the medicinal uses of insects. She has travelled across the United States, visited Canada, the Bahamas and England, and lived in France. In her spare time, she volunteers with organisations that teach children and improve their self-confidence. 

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