Irritable Bowel Syndrome

The Essential Guide

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Research suggests that as many as eight million people in the UK have IBS. While it’s fair to say that most of us can suffer with uncomfortable and embarrassing digestive problems at some point in our lives, how do you know if you’re suffering with IBS? What tests can be done to rule out more serious conditions? Should you change your diet or eliminate certain foods? Can lifestyle changes really make a difference? All these issues are covered in this book, along with advice and information from professional nutritionists, doctors and dieticians. There’s even a chapter dedicated just to women, as well as some IBS-friendly menus and case studies. Whether you’re a parent with a child who has IBS, a partner of someone who suffers with the condition or suspect you have IBS yourself, you’ll find essential information here. The best cure for IBS is to understand it, and this book will help. Author: Sarah Dawson

Chapter Headings

What Is Irritable Bowel Syndrome?

Understanding Your Digestive System

Who Gets IBS?

What Causes IBS?

IBS Symptoms

Being Diagnosed

Women and IBS

Treating Your IBS

Food and Nutrition

IBS in the 21st Century

The Brain and IBS

Coping and Living with IBS


Frequently Asked Questions

Case Studies

Help List

Author Bio 

Sarah Dawson is an experienced freelance journalist. She began her writing career at BUPA's Internal Communications department in London, followed by a job in broadcasting, then as a freelance staff journalist for IPC Media. Sarah has always been interested in health and alternative therapies and regularly visits spas and health resorts to review therapies and health treatments for magazines and websites. Sarah has suffered with mild to medium Irritable Bowel Syndrome since the age of 19 and after trying many different approaches from peppermint tea to anti-spasmodics, she has found that the most effective antidote for her IBS symptoms is stress management and Yoga.

Customer Reviews...

M Harris (via Amazon) -
nyone could pick up this book and find it informative, from people who think they might have symptoms of IBS to those who have been suffering from it for years. It's written in a very clear and easy to read way and is full of top tips to help with understanding IBS and also ways to alleviate it. I find it easy to just pick it up and turn to sections I found particularly useful. I've discovered the benefits of yoga and have also changed my eating habits as a result of reading this book, which has made me understand my body more and has put an end to the uncomfortable symptoms I had. I thoroughly recommend it and the recipes are delicious too!


kangaroo (via Amazon) -
This book is clearly written and easy for the layman to understand. It isn't a medical book, and doesn't bury the reader in jargon. Instead it helps the reader understand the various aspects of the IBS condition, and more importantly gives them ways and means to reduce or eliminate its effects. From tips on lifestyle management, to recipes, to exercise suggestions and more. I found this book to be a great starting point for anyone wishing to understand more about this common ailment and to start dealing with it effectively.


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