Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

The Essential Guide

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a term we’re hearing a lot of these days as members of our military return home ‘shell shocked’ by battle experiences. But you don’t have to have been on the battlefield to suffer from PTSD – in fact, anyone who’s been in a very stressful situation can develop it. Stressful conditions can range from a terrorist attack to a serious car accident to sexual abuse, or even bullying at school or work. If you think that you, or someone you care about, may have been affected by PTSD, then this book will help you understand what caused your problem, what the symptoms are, and where to get help. Most importantly of all, it suggests ways for you to help yourself – and a sense of empowerment is important in an illness that leaves a person feeling helpless. In this book we’ve put together the information that will help you make the decisions and find the help you – or your loved one – will need to reclaim your life and happiness.

Chapter Headings

What is Post-traumatic Stress Disorder?

Developing Post-traumatic Stress Disorder

What Causes PTSD?

How PTSD is Diagnosed

Different forms of PTSD

Treatments for PTSD

You Can Help Yourself Get Well

Finding the Right Treatment

Explaining Some of the PTSD Terms

Post-traumatic Stress Disorder in Children

The Families of PTSD Sufferers

Exciting New Research

Help List

Author Bio 

Glenys O’Connell has worked as a cognitive behavioural counsellor in private practice. She became interested in the workings of the mind while she was a journalist covering the crime beat on newspapers in the UK and Canada, and went on to take a degree in psychology followed by qualifications in counseling and hypnotherapy.

She is the published author of several novels and non-fiction books, children’s stories and plays. She strongly believes that open dialogue about mental health issues will remove the stigma and encourage people to seek the help they need to live happier, more fulfilled lives. Glenys welcomes visitors and encourages comments or questions on her blog,

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