Older Women - An Essential Guide

If you are looking for a comprehensive pregnancy guide specially for older women then this is the book for you. Using the latest research and discussing the many issues surrounding having a baby, this book will guide you through your pregnancy, answering all of your questions. If you are already pregnant or are wondering whether you are ready to have a baby, reading this book will help you learn about the relationship between age and fertility, how your body will respond to the pregnancy and how you will manage with a newborn. By having plenty of information about the subject of older women and pregnancy, you will be more informed about your options and will gain more assurance, leaving you free to look forward to starting your family.

Chapter Headings

Older Mothers and Pregnancy

How Age Affects Fertility

How Age Affects You and Your Baby

Advantages of Waiting Until Later

Testing and Screening for Older Mothers

The First Trimester

The Second Trimester

The Third Trimester

The Labour and Delivery

You and Your Baby

Help List

Author Bio 

Jo Johnson is a writer and staff nurse with nine years of nursing experience, specialising in gynaecology, obstetrics and fertility.
Following the birth of her first child she embarked on a writing hobby finding her nursing background a great pool of information which she could share with others.

Originally from Berkshire, Jo now lives in Hartlepool with her husband Shane and three children, Emily, Daniel and Daisy.

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