Self Harm

The Essential Guide

Self harm is a much more common occurrence than we might think. It is not something we may care to think about and it is easy not to spot the signs, even the obvious ones. Yet once the thoughts invade our thinking, they are compelling. It may be you. Or someone we know and love might well be suffering in silence. Self Harm: The Essential Guide explores the issues in a detailed and practical way, so that both sufferers from self harm and their nearest and dearest can begin to deal with this terrible compulsion. How do we feel? What do we do when we realize that someone is self harming? How can we move past our own powerful feelings, to change a mindset that has become focused upon self destruction? We may not want to address this problem, and there are no easy answers. But if we do, we will be able to help ourselves – or someone we love - back to a fuller, healthier and happier life. This book will help us all to feel more confident about dealing with the issues - sufferer, professional and concerned lay person alike.

Chapter Headings



Body Image and Relationships

Peer Group Pressure

Difficult Children

Mental Health Issues


The Professional Point of View


Good Health and its Promotion

Scenarios and Exercises Discussed

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Author Bio 

Greta McGough gained her first nursing qualification in 1975, and has contributed regularly to the national nursing press ever since. She is a registered mental health nurse and qualified as a teacher in 1989, working as a lecturer in several universities in England and Scotland.

She comes across self-harm in her day-to-day work, and has always emphasised the practical aspects of what she teaches and writes about. She believes that both families and health professionals need to understand the issues that they have to deal with better.
Having moved around the United Kingdom a great deal, Greta now lives with her second husband Stuart on the Lancashire coast.

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