Your First Pregnancy

An Essential Guide

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A no-nonsense guide to your first pregnancy Congratulations on your pregnancy! Your body, mind and lifestyle are about to undergo many changes and there’s no time like the present to start planning for your new arrival. Using expert advice and the latest research, this book will guide you through the next nine months (and beyond), covering your entire pregnancy – from ceasing contraception and going to your first scan to preparing for birth and settling in with your newborn. With chapters dedicated to those expecting more than one baby and a whole section written especially for dads-to-be, no avenue of your pregnancy is left unexplored. You’ll also find comprehensive advice on maternity leave and benefits. Whether you are thinking about starting a family or are already expecting your first child, having this information will leave you free to relax, enjoy your pregnancy and look forward to becoming a parent.

Chapter Headings

Family Planning – Your Pre-pregnancy Plan

Discovering You Are Pregnant

The First Trimester

The Second Trimester

The Third Trimester

Scans, Tests and Complications

The Labour

The First Few Days

Multiple Births

Maternity Leave and Benefits

The Expectant Father or Partner

Help List

Author Bio 

Jo Johnson is a writer and staff nurse with nine years of nursing experience, specialising in gynaecology, obstetrics and fertility. 
Following the birth of her first child, Jo embarked on a writing hobby, finding her nursing background a great pool of information which she could share with others.
Following publication of articles both online and in national magazines, she is now the author of non-fiction healthcare related titles. 
Originally from Berkshire, Jo now lives in Hartlepool with her husband Shane, and two children, Emily and Daniel.

Customer Reviews...

joanna -
This book brings together the masses of information available about pregnancy and birth and lays it out in clear, concise sections, which was great when my mind was fried and i couldn't face reading huge chunks of text.


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