A Beginner's Guide

Are you looking for a fun and affordable holiday that will incorporate your hobbies? 

Camping is about reconnecting with nature and creating your own outdoor adventure. From Cornwall to Shetland, Britain offers an extraordinary landscape to explore.

Filled with practical advice, such as choosing your equipment, first aid and tips for saving money, this easy-to-read guide will take you through each step, from planning your trip to cooking breakfast over a campfire.

Whether you are a self-sufficiency enthusiast looking to explore the wild, or a young family needing an economical holiday, camping is a great way to take a break and create lasting memories.

Chapter Headings

Why Go Camping?

Choosing a Destination

Essential Equipment

Camping Set-Up

Packing for Camping

Activities and Entertainment

Camp Cooking

Health and Wellbeing

Family Camping

Camping on a Budget


Help List

Book List


Author Bio 

Taliah Drayak has over 10 years of experience in writing and editing for national magazines and newspapers. She writes about a wide range of subjects, including travelling, family and education.

Having camped everywhere from the west coast of Canada to the south of France, Taliah would like you to learn from her mistakes and have an enjoyable camping holiday from the very first time you set up a tent.

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