A Beginner's Guide

In today’s health-conscious society, such great emphasis is placed on physical activity and exercising, it is no wonder that cycling has become such a popular pastime. 

Taking up cycling as a hobby or sport can open up a whole new chapter in your life, offering opportunities to meet new people if you join a cycling club, and even explore the world on an amazing cycling holiday. You’ll see untold benefits to your health – increased energy and fitness levels, weight loss and a much improved sense of happiness and wellbeing. Yes, cycling really can give you all this, and following the advice and guidance in this book will help you achieve it so much quicker. 

Inside you’ll learn about the different types of cycling and which style of bike is most suitable for each one, the most useful equipment and accessories to buy, and important information on how to stay safe when you’re out and about enjoying your new interest. Written for the beginner, the basics of biking are explained; discover the difference between the front gears and the back gears, make sense of the mechanics, and find out how to fix a puncture. For the more established rider there’s useful insights into staying motivated and advice on training and preparation for races.  

This guide will equip you with all the knowledge you need to get off the sofa and onto the saddle!

Chapter Headings 

Getting Started

Your Bike

How Your Bike Works – Parts and Mechanics

Looking After Your Bike

What You Need

Confidence and Technique

Taking it Further – Making the Most of Your Cycling

Family Cycling

Competitive Cycling

Keeping Going

Why We Cycle


Help List 

Book List 


Author Bio  

Juliet England is a freelance author, journalist, copywriter, editor and proof-reader. She has been cycling since childhood, and has pedalled across Cuba, around Holland and from London to Paris. She has done numerous day rides in the UK, such as from London to Cambridge, and is a former commuter by bike to work. In 2012, she made her off-roading debut with a mountain biking weekend in the Lake District. Juliet has ridden hybrid and road bikes as well, and cycled with friends, family, organised groups and alone. 

A member of the local cycling club near her home in Reading, Berkshire, she is a former columnist for the club’s newsletter, writing about commuting by bike and train. Juliet is also a regular contributor to Cycling World magazine, and is the author of Deafness and Hearing Loss: An Essential Guide, published by Need2Know Books in 2010. 

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